East Winds Inn - a Boutique Caribbean Resort, St Lucia

Dining at East Winds Inn Flamboyant Restaurant

Flamboyant Restaurant offers sublime Caribbean cuisine experiences that allow guests to enjoy full days of outdoor dining awash in Caribbean sunshine or beneath the twinkling stars at night.Absorb the beauty of the most amazing sunsets at the end of each day anda constant cool refreshing sea breeze.

Flamboyant's superb location, excellent service and fresh, tasty and well-presented foodcompliment your exquisite dining experience perfectly.

Executive Chef, TomislavCukman and his team cookthe most amazing meals, using lots of fresh local ingredients prepared with classical French techniques. Guests enjoy wonderful steaks and meats, fresh fish and other succulent seafood cuisines every night. Every meal is enjoyed immensely inthe perfect ambience set every evening in the boutique restaurant, making the experience most magical.

A Table D'ote menu is presented each evening, Chef sources freshly caught fish and vegetables before the menu is prepared. Diners will therefore savour a completely different meal experience for each night of their stay over eight days.

Delectable BBQ sauces for your smoked meats, excellent home-made orange sauces on the Banana Flambés, tasty creative risottos,and incredible desserts are only a few examples of the wonderful treats coming out of the Flamboyant kitchen.The boutique restaurant also offers a careful selection of fine wines,fruity champagnes and delicious Caribbean cocktails.

Flamboyant's entertainment star attraction is the Steinway & Sons Grand Piano, played by two outstanding concert pianists on at least three days weekly, on other evenings superb live Jazz or a very local Shak Shak band take the stage.

The Flamboyant Restaurant is intimate and elegantly simple. You are sure to have the most amazing dining experiences here. The atmosphere of this boutique restaurant is semi-casual, the view is amazing and the food is superb.The alluring scents from the kitchen will stir up your appetite and the look of satisfaction on the faces of guests after every mealat the Flamboyant restaurant make it all worth the effort.

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