East Winds Inn - a Boutique Caribbean Resort, St Lucia

East Winds Inn, Flamboyant Dining

In the Flamboyant Room, the cuisine is of the highest standard. Under the expert and innovative guide of our recognized International and local chefs, the hotel has won several accolades and medals in local and regional culinary competitions and is a member of the Chaine des Rotisseurs.

Operating in St. Lucia's most modern kitchen, our chefs employ their culinary expertise to create an innovative and delicious range of Caribbean and International dishes as well as daily vegetarian options. All meals are carefully complimented by an enticing choice of hand selected wines, which are stored in our Vin Safe wine cellars to ensure the wine is in top condition.

For a more intimate dining experience, enjoy private dining surrounded by tropical plant life in our Palm Beach Gazebos - incredibly romantic for couples and a great social gathering place for lunch and dinner during the evening bar-b-ques.

At East Winds, we pride ourselves on using only the best fresh ingredients in our cuisine. Fish and lobster are brought fresh to the beach by local fishermen in their pirogues, whilst herbs are gathered from our own garden, with vegetables and fruits delivered from selected local farmers.

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Chaine des Rotisseurs

Each year from 2008 - 2013..