East Winds Inn - a Boutique Caribbean Resort, St Lucia

Service at East Winds Inn

A resort is only as good as its staff, and by this measure, East Winds Inn is truly extraordinary.

The loyalty and continuity of its employees have enabled East Winds Inn to perfect its craft and provide guests with an exceptional service.

Many members of East Winds Inn staff base have been providing visitors to the Inn with a welcoming atmosphere, care and generous courtesy for over 25 years. With a vast experience in the hospitality industry, East Winds Inn employees are as much a part of the resort's experience as the brilliant sunsets and perfect tropical setting in which it is placed. At the end of your stay here, I'm sure you will agree.

On arrival, guests are customarily welcomed with a cold beverage and towel before being ushered through the lovely gardens to their private cottage by a member of staff. From the guests' first encounter with the staff of East Winds Inn to their last, guests feel relaxed and right at home. With pleasant Caribbean smiles every morning and helpful hands throughout the day, the staff here are always easy to interact with.

East Winds Inn's cottages are exceptionally well-kept by the housekeeping department. Beds are covered with fine white Italian linen, with a pair of pearly soft bathrobes and comfortable matching bedroom slippers.

Beverages, fresh towels and other simple amenities are replenished daily by East Winds Inn's housekeepers. The outstanding tropical gardens are manicured daily and kept in pristine condition by the gardeners who do a superb job!

The water-sports staff ensures that there are always sufficient beach and pool facilities and assistance with the use of all beach equipment. The padded sun beds and open umbrellas are plenty. The swim-up pool bar is stocked with a wide variety of popular spirits and juices, and guests can freely help themselves to whatever they like, whenever they like.

The highlight of the morning is undoubtedly breakfast! Start with our health drink of the day prepared from fresh greens and local fruits before moving onto Paula's corner where eggs are prepared to your liking, her pancakes and eggs Benedict are a legend. The East Winds bakery takes care of freshly baked whole meal bread and French pastries.

Lunch is also buffet style and each day a different theme, all our vegetables and salads are organically grown, fresh caught fish is delivered to our kitchen daily by fishermen directly to our beach on their colourful pirogues is a definite photo opportunity for our guests.

The service gets better by dinner, with the restaurants' a la carte service. Dress code is normally semi-casual. After you have selected your wine for the evening, waitresses present guests with an Amuse-bouche, which is a lovely small hors d'œuvre- type experience. A selection of a 4-meal course next and choices are always wide and varied. Dining at the Flamboyant is truly a memorable experience that competes with the next one and this stimulating experience repeats itself throughout your stay.

Soothing entertainment is provided on most nights and compliments the ambiance set by the restaurant each evening. To round off an amazing dinner, guests usually enjoy a nice cup of liqueur coffee or small glass of cognac.

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