East Winds Inn - a Boutique Caribbean Resort, St Lucia

Water Activities at East Winds Inn

The unique pleasures of St. Lucia are not confined to the land. East Winds Inn offers a variety of aquatic escapes that cater to every taste.

The azure waters of the Caribbean hold a world of treasures for the avid adventurer. St. Lucia's premier dive shop, Caribbean Divers, is just 200 yards down our shore and offers some of the finest diving guides and instructors on the island. Explore our local reef and witness the wonders of this thriving marine paradise.

If you prefer to keep your excitement on the surface, we have two exquisite Hobie cats as well as a selection of kayaks and paddleboats, so you can tour the bay in comfort and style. Our beach is also a great place to snorkel, swim and experience the natural riches of the Caribbean.

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