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No matter where you go in the world, food is an important part of the culture. And when you’re traveling to a tropical destination like St. Lucia, you will definitely want to try out some of the local cuisine! So what kind of food do they eat in St Lucia?

Keep reading for a breakdown of some of the most popular dishes.

Saint Lucian dish

What is the food like in St. Lucia and what are some of the main dishes that are eaten there?

The food in Saint Lucia is a mix of African, French, and British cuisine. Some of the main dishes you can expect to find on the island include curried goat, callaloo, saltfish, johnnycakes, and patties.

Saint Lucia is known for their spicy food, so be prepared for a flavor explosion when you visit.

The food in St. Lucia is quite similar to the food you would find in other Caribbean countries. There is a lot of local seafood, as well as fruits and vegetables. One of the most popular dishes is called callaloo, which is made with spinach and other greens.

Are there any traditional foods that are served during special occasions or holidays, such as Christmas or Easter?

St. Lucia is a Caribbean island with a diverse population and as such, the cuisine of St. Lucia is quite varied. However, there are some staples that are commonly found in Saint Lucian dishes. Rice and beans, for example, are usually served together and are considered to be the national dish of St. Lucia.  Many local people eat ground provisions, which are local root vegetables, full of carbohydrates for energy.

Another popular dish is callaloo, which is a soup made with greens and usually served with fish or chicken. Other common ingredients in Saint Lucian cuisine include yams, plantains, cassava, and breadfruit.

Saint Lucian dish

Seafood is also quite popular in St. Lucia, as the island is surrounded by reefs and there are many different types of fish to be found in the waters. Lobster, shrimp, and crayfish are all commonly used in Saint Lucian dishes.

When it comes to dessert, there are many different options available in St. Lucia. One popular choice is cassava bread, which is made with grated cassava, spices, and coconut milk.

No matter what you choose to eat while in St. Lucia, you are sure to find a dish that you will enjoy. The food here is flavorful and unique, and it is definitely worth trying something new while you are on the island.

How do the locals cook their food and what kind of ingredients do they use most often in their recipes?

The food in Saint Lucia is quite unique and differs significantly from the food you would typically find in American cuisine. One of the most notable differences is the use of spices.

Saint Lucian cuisine makes heavy use of various spices, such as garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg, parsley and cloves, which gives it a very distinct flavor that many people find to be quite enjoyable.

Saint Lucian dish

Another difference is the way that the food is cooked. Saint Lucian cooks typically use a lot of fresh ingredients, which helps to give the food a very natural and healthy flavor. Overall, the food in Saint Lucia is quite delicious and definitely worth trying if you are ever in the area.

Do people in St. Lucia eat a lot of meat or are they more likely to stick to vegetables, fruits, and grains?

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island, and the cuisine reflects that. There is an abundance of fresh seafood, as well as chicken and pork. Curries are popular, as are stews made with beans and rice and ground provisions.

Saint Lucian dish

The food is generally fairly spicy, but not so much that it will overwhelm your taste buds.

Fruits and vegetables play a big role in Saint Lucian cuisine as well, and you’ll often find them incorporated into dishes in creative ways. If you’re looking for a truly unique culinary experience, Saint Lucia is the place to be.

Are there any unique flavors or spices that you would only find in St. Lucia cuisine?

When it comes to the food in St. Lucia, you can expect to find a lot of unique flavors and spices that you won’t find anywhere else. The cuisine has a mix of African, Caribbean, and Creole influences, so you can expect to find dishes that are both familiar and unfamiliar.

Saint Lucian dish

One thing that you’ll notice right away is that the food is very flavorful and spicy. If you’re not used to eating spicy food, it’s definitely something that you’ll need to get used to. But once you do, you’ll find that the food in St. Lucia is some of the best that you’ve ever had.

How does the cuisine reflect the island’s culture and history?

The cuisine of Saint Lucia is reflective of the island’s culture and history. Saint Lucia was colonized by the French in the 1600s, and as a result, the island’s cuisine has been heavily influenced by French cooking.

Saint Lucian dishes often feature fresh seafood, as the island is located in the Caribbean Sea. The climate of Saint Lucia is also tropical, which means that fruits and vegetables are plentiful.


One of the most popular Saint Lucian dishes is callaloo. Callaloo is a soup made with greens, okra, and crab or shrimp. Another popular dish is green figs and saltfish, which is a traditional breakfast dish on the island. Green figs are also commonly used in desserts, such as a traditional cake called fig cake.

If you’re looking for something to drink, Saint Lucia is home to some of the best rum in the world. The island’s rum distilleries produce a variety of rum styles, from light and fruity rums to dark and spiced rums. Saint Lucia is also famous for its pina coladas, which are made with rum, coconut milk, and pineapple juice.

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