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Welcome to East Winds Resort

Nestled in the heart of a tropical forest, East Winds boasts a sandy, secluded beach that transitions into clear, tourquoise waters.
With 30 cottage-style suites tucked away into lush vegetation, our team is focused on making your stay as intimate and personalized as possible.
East Winds is home to what many consider the best beach on the island with it’s private setting and beautifully natural ambiance.


A Delectable Experience

Our beachside restaurant caters to the most refined palettes. We work closely with St Lucia producers to ensure that we are sourcing the freshest produce for your enjoyment. Our fish are caught daily from the sea and served the same day. This, paired with fresh vegetables and fruits from local farmers, or sometimes our very own kitchen garden, allows us to maintain the highest standard for our cuisine. We also like to take you on a culinary journey when you join us. That's why you'll never see the same menu twice during your stay at the East Winds.

Heaven on Earth

With a 100 different type of flora beautifully arranged throughout the East Winds Garden, we consider this our crowning jewel. This cornucopia of vibrant plants, trees and birdlife is sure to amaze you. It has been a project of the resort's for decades and guests will find themselves immersed in it continually as all of our rooms conveniently positioned amongst the gardens. We look forward to having you join us for one of our weekly Garden Tours lead by our Head Gardener, Sylvanus, so that he can share the stories and medicinal qualities of this little piece of Eden.

Garden Spa
Relax and Rejuvenate

The Philosophy behind the East Winds Garden Spa is to stay at one with nature and with it being nestled amidst the trees and flowers, it's hard not be. Our focus on the environment is a big part of the reason we prefer using natural, organic treatments with ingredients from the environment around us. We want to help you rejuvenate and energise - both inside, and out.

Sandy Paradise

The beach at East Winds is our hidden gem, and we like it that way. Set in a natural, private bay, it is both unmanicured but beautifully maintained as to bring out the best of both worlds. A perk of being in the Caribbean is that the sea stays warm all year round so it's always a good time to take a dip in the waters! Of course, with all the heat, there needs to be shade. We've put gazebos and sunbeds all along the beach so you can enjoy the many different and beautiful views of the water. Drinks service is always available so there is no need to move away from your book or rest.

Restful Haven

Central to the beach, restaurant, bars and garden, our pool is the perfect spot for a midday rest! The self-service swim up bar makes it easy to stay refreshed and is a place for people to gather, go for a swim and enjoy the serenity of being surrounded by our lush garden. We keep the pool at a very comfortable 28C all year round and comfortable stools to sit on and have a drink without ever leaving the water. And if you prefer to have someone help in keeping you refreshed, our drinks service goes on throughout the day to ensure you have everything you need.

Keep Up the Energy

The gym is on the top of a hill near the edge of our property, so that's your warm-up taken care of. It includes all the equipment that you'd need for staying in shape and releasing and extra energy you may have from a day's worth of relaxation and activities. We have classes to help you get organized with your routine and hours range from X to X, all weeklong.

Our People

Meet the East Winds Team

Saint Lucia is a small and luxurious Caribbean island located just North of Barbados. St. Lucia will welcome you with open arms while you enjoy the warm beaches, explore the jungle or wonder in awe at the world famous Pitons.

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