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Traveling to St Lucia – Covid-19 Rules

All guests must wear face masks during the flight to St Lucia

Make sure you have a negative Covid-19 test within 7 days of travel to St Lucia. Be ready to present your negative test result on arrival. If you do not have a test result with you then you will be required to take a test on arrival and risk quarantine in a government facility for up to 2 weeks

Every guest must remain on resort for the first 14 days of your holiday, if you are staying for a
shorter period of time, that is allowed but leaving the property is restricted to the few island
excursions that are available. The list is expanding all the time and the hotel team will update you on which adventures are allowed!

Every guest will have their temperature taken every day at the resort

Social distancing will be observed except with members of your own party

When in contact with staff or other guests you will be required to wear a face mask, staff will also be using PPE when they are dealing with guests or cleaning guest rooms etc.

No physical contact with staff at all, including, shaking hands, hugging, elbow pumps, fist pumps
or kissing!

At the hotel:

All staff will be using a variety of PPE.  Room attendants will be in full PPE and other staff may have face masks or shields, gloves etc., while working.  This is for your and their safety.

We have introduced a new App which allows you to check in remotely from your own phone or personal device, we will publish menu’s, wine lists, daily news and information and all sorts of interesting stuff on the App. This will save paper and allow effective communication – keeping us close, even though we are maintaining distance!

Self service is no longer allowed, we will be serving you our new version of buffet and bar-b-q.  As always, our team will look after you and make sure you enjoy the culinary experience as much as usual.

St Lucia has a track and trace system in place, expect us to ask you a few more questions to support this system while you are on island.

You will be asked to report every day to have your temperature checked.  We will keep this as quick and unobtrusive as we can.

Our usual range of excursions will be limited to those allowed to take place while you are with us.

Above all, we will be doing everything we can to protect everybody while you are in St Lucia while having a lovely relaxed time, lots of fun and laughter and a great Caribbean holiday.

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