Botanical Paradise

Heaven on Earth

With a 100 different type of flora beautifully arranged throughout the East Winds Garden, we consider this our crowning jewel. This cornucopia of vibrant plants, trees and birdlife is sure to amaze you. It has been a project of the resort’s for decades and guests will find themselves immersed in it continually as all of our rooms conveniently positioned amongst the gardens. We look forward to having you join us for one of our weekly Garden Tours lead by our Head Gardener, Sylvanus, so that he can share the stories and medicinal qualities of this little piece of Eden.

The East Winds garden contains a number of local fruits and vegetables to keep you healthy without comprimising on taste. Our plants and herbs also can help many ailments by boiling them in hot water until they’re the right strength of tea for your taste. We really do make your wellbeing our topmost priority, both internally and externally.

“The tale of the East Winds starts with Richard & Margaret Egerer who were originally from the USA and bought this plot of land in 1966 to build their dream hotel and their own house on. They wanted to be right next to the sea and so the location was ideal. The house that they built is actually still at East Winds but is no longer in use. Margaret Egerer was a botanist who loved the many rainforest plants on the property and gradually tamed them into a garden that now blossoms at the core of the resort for all the guests to enjoy. The Egerer’s built a beach bar and Bar-B-Q to encourage both Lucians and tourists to come to the beach for swimming, food, and beer. Our existing Sunset Bar and Bar-B-Q are close to the same positions as those original structures. They also developed the first few cottages and opened as a hotel called East Winds Inn in 1968.

In 1987, the hotel was sold to Giuseppe Olivares who owned The Halcyon Beach Club. Over the next few years, Mr. Olivares created a luxury beach hotel and continued to develop the East Winds Inn brand. The original rondavel style rooms in the lower garden were demolished and rebuilt and while the constructions continued, a tropical certified botanical garden was created.

By 1993, East Winds had 26 cottages set around the garden and in 1997 East Winds purchased the adjacent beach house which was originally owned by the Horlicks family. The beach house was converted into an additional 4 rooms which brought East Winds to 30 rooms, as it is today. The warehouse, Chef’s house, wine cellar, laundry, and maintenance buildings were all constructed in the 1990s and at the same time, the original kitchen was demolished and rebuilt along with the original beach bar and restaurant. Then the main public areas of the hotel were developed, and the swimming pool and Bamboo Lounge (or Club House) were built to round off the lovely traditional buildings at the heart of the hotel. In 2006 East Winds was sold again, the company evolved into East Winds Resort Ltd in 2016 and is now owned by a Partnership, East Winds is a one-off hotel and not part of any hotel chains. We are all very proud of our resort and the wildlife finding sanctuary within it. We hope you enjoy your time amongst the devoted staff, relaxed ambiance, and tropical paradise gently protected within our property.”

Exclusive Experiences


Exclusive Experiences

We offer a number of experiences exclusively for East Winds guests only, and most are included in your all-inclusive stay. There is no need to reserve these experiences in advance unless specified.

EXCLUSIVE 25% Discount when you stay between march 13 - August 3 2023.

Offer available until January 31, 2023.